Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Oct 20 2015

Wheeling2Help : Day 8

What makes this trip special is the people we meet and host us treating us like their family. Not to mention is so sad to say good bye!
However we had to move on again. The moment we started, Paris realized that his bike had a flat!! Partyyyy, or not?! So, we started on delay starting raining again! Next destination Germany, and the city of Saarbrucken.



At the first part of the route we were fighting against the rain and the wind, as a result we and our baggage were completely wet!




60 km before our destination we met a beautiful cycling path which would lead us to Saarbrucken! The weather was getting better and better and the landscape was astonishing! The combination of the river, the trees and the red sand was a miracle!






The time went by so quickly without even realizing it, while we were really enjoying the route. Our bikes were full of mud though, so we spent some time taking care of them. :)




At Saarbrucken Dr. Frauke was waiting for us, a really kind girl who crossed Atlantic ocean from Guadalupe until Marseille with windsurfers by catamaran, in order to make people aware of how litter in the ocean lead to environmental pollution. After a massive dinner, I had to work for 3-4 hours for Wheeling2help, provided a swing as an office this time!





100km done, 1.850 left :)


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