Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Sep 11 2015

Wheeling2help : Day 3

Bonjour! At the dawning of the day we were at Calais in France staying at a lovely student house where Laura and Bastien hosted us via warmshowers.org the previous night when we arrived by ferry from England. After a full breakfast and a quick stop at the town hall, we started cycling again.




With the help of the weather, we followed beautiful cycling routes, through fields and next to lovely little rivers. Generally, the route was flat without alternations so we completely enjoyed it!





The truth is that we got lost quite a few times, as we were calm and relaxed cycling along this scenery. Fortunately, we had started early enough, baring in mind that 126 km take a lot of time cycling!




Little by little, the weather became windy increasing the difficulty to cycle. Moreover, the sky turned to grey and the rain started.




Unfortunately the following 2-3 hours we were fighting to find the right route with the wind and heavy rain made our job harder. The easy pace we previously had, turned to be extremely difficult all the way to Lille!




At least, we didn’t meet many up hills, with the exception of Cassel, a beautiful small village which made our mission hard. However we went down from Cassel with a big smile, as the rain had stopped!




Around 7 p.m. the weather was fine again and almost at night we entered the beautiful French city, where Ismail was waiting to host us in his room in the student residence. The graffiti of the area impressed us a lot, as well as the huge kebab we ate in a minute!





126 km done.. 2,230 left :)



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