Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Nov 29 2015

Wheeling2Help : Day 25

Starting alone again, but fortunately not for long.  In my mind there were thoughts of the Greek part which of course would not be easy, but being in Greece, the feeling is so special!

However, after I said goodbye to Christina, rain and wind appeared, like the previous days before she came. A storm made me completely wet before even getting out of Rimini!


Feeling cold, hungry and completely wet, I needed to complete several kilometers up to Senigallia, a small town where Ι would spend the night, about 35km before Ancona.


The route in normal conditions would be fantastic, crossing beaches and beautiful places which in summer become crowded by Italians and foreigners flooding the Adriatic sea. But in such weather, they seemed ghost towns with the charm of the sea being the only one who kept me company in this fight.



Little by little, I arrived at Senigallia, where lovely Nick from couchsurfing was waiting for me. He cooked a wonderful carbonara and we relaxed together on the balcony watching the river and the beautiful city!


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