Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Nov 26 2015

Wheeling2Help : Day 22

The day started with Anastasia’s sweetest smile. All together, Akis, Voula, Anastasia, Christina and I went for a walk in the vineyards of the area and beautiful Rubiera!



Akis, an awesome photographer, offered to take us a few pictures to have enough material for our trip. Full of energy he entered the trunk of Voula’s car and took the right position for good shots.



After some kilometers and much laughter, we wandered together in the city, we ate Italian dads (kind of dessert). We then said goodbye, promising that we will meet again soon, next time with Dora, and slowly we took the way to Bologna.


Making a quick stop in Modena which was on our way, and with the wind against us once again, we continued to our destination for today, Bologna, where Milenko, a cool guy from Ecuador who does his Ph.D, would host us!



However once again, despite the short distance, we arrived at night just in time for the famous aperitivo in Italy, where grabbing a cocktail, you have access to a huge buffet filling your plate as many times as you want.. the dream of the tired cyclist, hehe!


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