Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Nov 25 2015

Wheeling2Help : Day 21

Day 21 and today the program included the route from Parma until right before Modena! The day started riding to the city center, which we were looking forward to see before we depart again.



We got lost in the picturesque narrow streets, admiring the beautiful architecture and just before leaving we met by chance Sandro from my village, Achladi, who was studying in Parma! What’s the chance??? Such a small world!




However we needed to start reaching the house of Akis and Voula, the couple became known as the world off the road, travelling around the world with a land rover in 800 days! We look forward to meeting them and hearing their stories from their trips around the world.

We were wandering again to beautiful countryside and eventually  we arrived the house, where we were welcomed by Voula with little Anastasia, a brilliant sweetest creature.



At the dinner, we had a perfect meal from Voula and Anastasia and we exchanged many stories from our trips and shared memories from Africa. We realized how these trips and the experiences we have lived, made us much better people. We saw videos, photos from our travels and we heard Anastasia singing African songs!

The same day in Greece, Litsa from Igoumenitsa, a member of Flame, made a touching video for flame kids, covered by an even more touching song written by small Charilaos, who is no longer with us. We fell asleep watching it and listening to it again and again. Christine and I felt an extreme power for the following kilometers and we slept having the same dream, continue to do our best and help in our way these creatures who fight every day for their lives.

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