Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Nov 24 2015

Wheeling2Help : Day 20

Day 20 began with a massive breakfast with Massimo, we made a short walk to the castle and the surrounding neighborhood, and started again our route.



Next stop was Parma and the home of our new host, Nikos, a Greek who used to work for a short period at headquarters in barilla. He sent us a message through couchsurfing expressing his desire to get to know us and accommodate us!

The ride was quite flat, but a strong wind was blowing against and made our mission harder. After we crossed more scenic villages of Italy, we entered the beautiful Parma and arrived at the house of Nikos, which greeted us with his girlfriend Catherine and a big smile.




Parma is famous for its very good food and of course parmesan and prosciutto!


The four of us went out at night, we ate extra large pizzas, we laughed a lot in Greek this time while full of temperament Katerina, showed us around the city recounting information better than a tour guide!


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