Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Sep 11 2015

Wheeling2help : Day 2

The rise of the sun and the outstanding scenery we viewed when we woke up and came out of the tent, made us forget the biting cold of the previous night.




After enjoying a healthy breakfast, we were ready to depart. The plan was to ride 70 km to Dover and take the ferry to France at 6.30 p.m. Once we took the usual team photo of the day, we said goodbye to Marianna and Elena who needed to go back and we kept riding towards the South.




Paris (whose small suitcase broke already in the second day!) chose the route only for bicycles using his gps, we crossed beautiful little paths, which made us look around and smile with pleasure due to the beauty of the nature!




The pace of the second day was much better, as our bodies got used to our madness and didn’t react! Thus, we reached the first 100 km of #Wheeling2help, encouraged and full of power to move on!




After a few stops, and as soon as we reached the top of a hill, we all felt a huge relief.. the deep blue appeared and the smell of the sea made us calm and happy!





Riding a few km by the sea at Dover, we arrived at the port where we said goodbye to the rest of the guys and Paris and I took the ferry to France. For some people a beautiful weekend ended and for me a unique experience had just started :)

70 km done.. 2, 356 left!







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