Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Nov 24 2015

Wheeling2Help : Day 19

The 19th day dawned and almost all members of the family at the house had left us for their jobs. With the exception of Antonio, who seemed ready to honor his promise and accompany us for the first kilometers of our route from Milan to Piacenza.


So we all started with Antonio full on energy, who knew the streets leading throughout the way giving a very good rate! The first 45 kilometers weren’t at all hard to complete and the three of us stopped at a supermarket to refuel. After a picnic including pizza, bananas, apples and Swiss chocolate, we said good bye to Antonio who took the way back to Milan and we continued in order to accomplish the most demanding day of Italy. Other 71 km awaited us.


We chose a larger but quite beautiful street in order to avoid the cars and explore so many charming small villages with interesting names.



Once again we stopped for supplies (we planned to cook our own Italian meal in the evening) we continued to the house of our new host, the Massimo. The house of Massimo, was a few kilometers after the town, in an area quite atmospheric beside a castle. It was getting darker and darker and let’s face it, we were a bit lost looking for the house. Despite the tiredness, we crossed the dark, deserted, atmospheric landscapes and Christina began ghost stories and thrillers.


Feeling ecstatic due to the adventure we were facing, we finally found our home, which was the most luxurious villa we had stayed during the last days. Massimo told us many stories about Italy and its traditions and after another sumptuous meal we slept like birds, satisfied for the successful conclusion of this adventurous day.

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