Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Nov 21 2015

Wheeling2Help : Day 18

18th day and all seems to slowly change! The weather is almost summer, the roads are flat and from today I will cycle with my friend Christina. We woke up early and after a massive breakfast, we got on our bikes to start our adventure for today: Como -> Milan.

After we made a walk on the beautiful lake, I asked an older couple who greeted us in Greek to take us a photo. We picked up our flag, posing all smile and then started for Milan, towards Antonio’s home.



After a quick stop at the supermarket for bananas, requirement of Christina to whom you do not dare to say no, we arrived quite early in the region of Antonio’s house located outside Milan and without a second thought we decided to add another 25 km on our route to see the city and go back.



We ride to Milan, we rolled up our flag again everywhere, we were offered fresh fruit, we enjoyed the sun in front of the crowded Duomo and we hardly resist arise the flag and collect money for the campaign from the crowd. We did not, but the idea stuck in our minds for the next squares.




After several walks and sunbathing, we started going back for the house of Antonio and his amazing family. Except of hosting us, they also prepared a wonderful Italian dinner with handmade pasta, three different dishes and offered us their wonderful company. After we ate until we were full, we discussed in English – Italian – Greek and went to bed with the promise of Antonio that he would accompany us for the next few kilometers to Piacenza!



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