Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Nov 21 2015

Wheeling2Help : Day 17

I woke up with a huge smile, the Alps, the toughest part of the journey was a thing of the past, and this would be my last day in Swiss land. After a quick shower, and enough of sunscreen which my little Dora, who takes care of me, had given me, I started towards the border. Once again, there was the classic dilemma quick path from the main road or a little longer route crossing picturesque streets in lakeside? Of course I chose the second option!



The route initially paid me back as the water makes me incredibly calm and relaxed, so going by the lake was perfect. And so slowly I passed the border and entered Italy. However I realized that I had chosen to make a huge circle and had to leave the lake directed to the mainland.

It was not that simple, and got lost again and again, passing the Swiss-Italian border 2 times before popping in the Swiss city of Lugano, where I made a short stop to finally sit and check the path and do not unnecessarily cycle.



Although I did not have much time, Lugano seemed quite nice and certainly in the future I will need to go back to see it. But for sure, wheeling2help wasn’t a trip for tourism and attractions, so many times I could see only what there was on my route.




Continuing for another few kilometers near the lake and beautiful cycle paths, I spent for the last time the border and entered the Lombardia region of Italy and Lake Como which would be the final destination for today.



93 km done, 1.076 left :)

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