Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Nov 17 2015

Wheeling2Help : Day 16

Feeling like having only a 3 hour sleep in this cold night, I quickly got ready for the second part of the Alps! I had already taken the first step, my body reacted a bit, feeling a little pain in the knees, but there was no way to quit.

Passing through the city, incredible Ferrari models, Porsche, Bentley and other luxury cars that you see only in movies appeared! I followed them (I didn’t overtake and make them feel embarrassed) and I realized that supercar weekend was in Andermatt with dozens of photographers to capture moments of these amazing cars. Of course I did them a favor and take a picture with them, hehe!



After all the ascent started again. The turns became a little steeper, and the bike was felt quite heavier. Basically, every 20 minutes I stopped to check the tires, I thought I had a blowout.. but it was the tiredness that I felt and the power was less!



A terrible wind against my direction forced me to make double effort to keep my goal. But I continued fierce, I was thinking the everyday struggle of those little angels, which of course was much more difficult than what I did at that moment and I took courage.

After several stops for water and supplementation with electrolytes, Wheely and I managed, we arrived at the Gotthard-Pass and 2106 meters! A shiver went through me with a great emotion for what I had done at that time. Without being a biker, obviously without the physical fitness and preparation for this, having the mental will and power, I managed to find myself so high and do kilometers for such a beautiful goal!



I was already half way in terms of kilometers, and from this point the downhill started! I smiled like a little kid given a ball to play! After the beautiful and relaxing downhill with fantastic views of Airolo, I made a few more kilometers and finally found the destination for the day, the city Bellinzona.







93 km done, 1.169 left :)

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