Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Nov 17 2015

Wheeling2Help : Day 15

Waking up early once again, and all ready for the big day! Today in Greece we had (once again elections), but I would give my own struggle to cross this rather hard ride! Politics never interested me since associated with power.. I want more than anything to help people around me and to act for the common good, however I try to do it in a different way, more romantic and more effective , in my opinion!

So I started.. With huge mountains and fog in front of me, I felt as if I play the lord of the rings having a specific mission! Positive energy and smile and everything will be fine, I thought!




The hills were endless, and that day I was suppose to reach 1,400 meters, but fortunately it was quite steep. But again, I could go maximum speed of 7 mph and enough wheeling upright!

The weather was pretty good, with the sun makes its appearance after a long time, and the face becomes red slowly! Every time I climbed a little more and looked at the view behind, I increasingly admired the beauty of the mountain.





About 3-4 kilometers before the destination, the works began and a big sign saying that cycling is prohibited!! But there was not a single case to stop and go back. A man directing traffic warned that the police three days ago gave a fine to 2 cyclists. 


As s typical ‘don’t care about the rules guy’, I started my own risk! The good thing was that due to the difference in altitude, I could somehow see who comes from far, so when I saw the first police car, I tried to hide myself behind a bulldozer! However I did not manage to see the second.. They stopped me and after 10 minutes of conversation (luckily this did not keep one hour like in Africa!), I managed to convince them that I was coming from the opposite side, I did not know that there was roadwork and just come back to the starting point to get the train and well! And it seemed somehow believable and I rescued :)


After this little adventure, little by little I reached the town Andermatt and 1,440 meters where I spent the night in a beautiful farm with the temperature falls to -3 degrees and three blankets not enough at all!




43 km done, 1.258 left :)

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