Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Oct 20 2015

Wheeling2Help : Day 14

After my bags were full of spinach pie, local delicacies and juice from miss Giouli, which were quite heavy, I was ready to cycle! First stop, Lucerne in a beautiful weather after 8-9 days of terrible weather, when I honestly reached my limits!





Today route will be 70 km till Schattford where I will stop, crossing a few up hills so I will have the time to enjoy the pretty landscape as I have been told so.






Indeed going alongside the lake whose waters were of wonderful color and it was tempting to dive, enjoying a beautiful ride we all have dreamed!




Even my lunch, which of course was prepared by Mrs Giouli, I enjoyed in one of many wooden chairs that had breathtaking view next to the beautiful lake!




Even at the points up to the road and in high altitude, it was totally deserved, because the view was unique ..




What really surprised me positively was that even in the tunnels that I passed there were cycling lane, and even in some of them there was a separate tunnel only for cyclists! Happening only in Switzerland!






Gradually, one of the most beautiful days of the trip regarding conditions and journey was coming to an end. After the picturesque village of the photo, Fluelen, towering mountains and the impressive Alps appeared.. The biggest challenge of the trip would start the next day and I had to prepare myself psychologically.





84 km done, 1.298 left :)



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