Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Oct 20 2015

Wheeling2Help : Day 12

The city of Colmar has been nominated a few times as the most beautiful European city and I really wanted to cycle in the city center before saying good bye to France entering Switzerland and next stop, the city of Basel.

As usual, like the previous days, rain was quite heavy and didn’t seem to stop. I tried to cycle in the center and in the little paved roads of the city however I didn’t enjoy it that much and I soon left.





I haven’t even left the city yet and I was completely wet. I was freezing and didn’t know where to go and the forecast predicted storm till midday. I was hungry, in need of a toilet and the streets were flooded. I just needed to burst out crying! I called Dora, and that was one of the moments wondering why I am doing all this.

I didn’t have time though, I had to go on as I needed to cycle 83 km to reach Basel, time was already 2 p.m. and I was standing at a bus stop wet, cold and with the worst mood, having no idea what to do. After some time wandering under the rain, salvation came! Eurovelo route 15 with cycling lane towards Basel, hallelujah!




The rain started to slow down, but heavy wind started to exhaust me. At least I knew the way and at some point I would reach the destination. On my way, 2 guys waved to me prompting to stop. Presena had a flat, him and his friend, both from Sri Lanka, were cycling to make people aware of the situation in their country. They asked me if I had a pump, which I offered them with some food. We went on all together in a better mood and we celebrated the first 1,000 km!




The sun appeared late enough, better than never, and helped dry my shoes which I felt like swimming in the sea!





After the sun set, I crossed the borders leaving France, ending a big part of Wheeling2Help and starting a new one, quite interesting indeed! Welcome to Switzerland :)




83 km done, 1.465 left!




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