Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Sep 09 2015

Wheeling2help : Day 1



Finally the day has come.. Meeting at 10 a.m. under London Eye in London to start our new project, ‘’Wheeling2help’’.. Every time I say this phrase and think about it, I smile and feel the hope. I feel that the happiness of helping the person of next door who needs you, is the most beautiful act in the world, and it is worth to inspire other people and make them feel it. The beginning was with AfriQuest and then, today, with Wheeling2help, when a new experience of life is dawning.

Light shower and grey sky.. Usual conditions for London city..

However I was determined, nothing could stop me.. I know there will be many difficult moments in this huge venture, but the thought that many people are sensitive and support us, gives me courage and power of positive thinking :)

The first smiles arrived one after the other.. John, George and Katerina who live in London, Mariannoula and her friend Elena, Mary and Panos, Paris and Szilard from Hungary, in order to say that we’re international, hehe! We were all ready, and after a few memorial photos at Big Ben, Marianna shouted the motto to start: ‘’Bread, Olive, and Freewheeling’’!

Fortunately it was Saturday, and streets of London were quite empty, so we enjoyed the beautiful cycling lanes of the city just before ending to the amazing suburb of Greenwich where we took our first break.




The plan was to complete 75 km until the campsite where we would stay right after Maidstone. The more we were moving away from London, the more beautiful English landscapes appeared which made the route wonderful. Weather turned to be ideal, with neither wind nor rain, but also no sunshine which could make us sweat.

And the time we started to feel hungry, in the middle of the route, George made a smart move.. Taking out 2 large food stores with meatballs and spinach pie, which were exactly what we all needed that moment :)




Keeping going, we met hills with ups and downs, the less trained used a special technique of cycling ‘’getoffandpushwithhands’’, act which has been recorded by the drift action camera on my helmet and it will be used for extortion in the future, hehe!


11954753_528931003931152_2953403610759752322_n (1)


Protein bars, electrolytes and energy gels, which my coach Paris has ordered, proved to be essential to complete the kilometers easier, without tiredness and pain.

The night ended in a unique place close to Leeds castle, were we all stayed in a big tent. After having a relaxing bath and the review of the day, we slept surrounded by candles which warmed up the tent under the full of stars sky.






I couldn’t imagine a better start for Wheeling2help :)

77 km done, 2.423 left!



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  1. Nikoletta says:

    Καλή αρχή, καλή δύναμη και ένα μεγάλο ΜΠΡΑΒΟ!

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