Our AfriQuest trip-documentary has been for sure a life changing experience so far and a very good lesson for us.
Every day we feel more and more the need to offer as much as possible to this beautiful continent.


As this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, we decided to participate in many volunteering projects and do as much charity as possible with money that we raised via various campaigns in indiegogo (click here to see our first campaign)!


Below you can find a list with the charity projects we did during our AfriQuest:


1) Qaqambani Safety Home in Khayelitsha Township, South Africa
Budget : $500




Mama Sylvia provides short-term emergency housing and care for children found to be in problematic living situations by the police or the Department of Social Development. She also provides long-term foster care to ten children and runs an after-school facility for kids in the area.


We spent some lovely time with the kids and bought food, clothing and toys for them.
We also contributed towards a very beautiful garden that made the children so happy!


2) Saving Africa’s Nature (SANA), Tanzania
Budget : $500


Costas Coucoulis, a young passionate Greek man, has founded this non-profit company, established to consolidate efforts for those who share similar values of Love and Respect for Mother Nature.
We spent 10 amazing days at Gongo village, where we bought medical equipment for the dispensary of the village and painted it as well.. what an experience :)


3) St George’s Orthodox Primary School in Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya
Budget : $4,000
Kibera is the biggest urban slum in Africa. It houses more than 1 million people that live in congested tin huts. In this chaos, the kids are struggling to survive for a better future.
Being very sensitive for these cute little faces, we started a separate campaign, #Help2Learn, and with the money raised, we built a classroom, library and we bought desks, books, stationery, swings, see saw and basket ball system for the kids :)
4) Kidane Mehret Children’s Home in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Budget : $1,500
Ethiopia’s high levels of poverty have a devastating impact on children.
Sister Lutgarda and few more volunteers take care of about 70 orphans.. among them are children with special needs and children with HIV, something that makes it harder for adoption..
With the money raised, we bought big quantities of milk, pasta, lentils, teff (the ingredient to make injera, the traditional bread), soap, rice, oil, etc..


5) Building a water well at Al Youya village, Sudan
Budget : $9,800


Our last charity project is related to the most valuable element on earth.. WATER.. imagine your life without water.. scary.. There are people that walk 3 hours a day to get safe drinking water.So, with money raised from the fundraising campaign  called #Water4Life, we managed to build a water well that will give access to safe drinking water to more than 1,200 people :)


We are also open to any ideas from anybody! We love involving people in our projects and since it is just us, Elpis and Dora, doing all this work, you are more than welcome to join us in any way!
There are always things to do… and if we are together, we can go very far :)
Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Dec 11 2015

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