Program of video presentations Wheeling2help

Our life is awash with troubles today but it does not mean that the wheel of life cannot change its course. The wheel of Wheeling2help has numerous spokes and attempts to make this change by combining sports, traveling and volunteering.

Elpidoforos Chrysovergis realized that nothing can happen unless we dream. And he did…Following his dream, he achieved to spread the message of love and sympathy across 8 European countries. On 5th of September, he started cycling covering a distance of 2.500 km from London to Athens in 35 days.

He travelled over England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and finally Greece speaking the language of compassion and solidarity. His goal was to shout out loud the importance of love and participation hoping to help the children with cancer.

Elpis’s dream brought a lot of dreamers close to him and if daydream is said to be dangerous, then the antidote to it is not stop dreaming but rather dream big. His dream started as an idea turned into a movement of love. The purpose of the travel was embraced and the flame ignited by Elpis warmed thousands of human souls.

The initial goal of the travel was raising 10.000 euros for the Floga’s children suffering from tumorous disease. The final amount raised outnumbered 15.000 euros.

The traveller chooses only one path but the dreamer chooses all the possible ones…Elpis and his team desire to share this travel experience with you and wholeheartedly thank everyone who contributed to this effort. Antonis Sotiropoulos tried to mirror this travel by creating a 25-minute magical video. This video will help those who participated, to realize the meaning of their contribution, and also call, those who did not, to imagine themselves as part of the next Wheeling2help project. So, come and pedal with us in the land of dreams and we promise we will not wake up.



Progam of video presentations:

22/11 Lamia, 8p.m., Studio Project Photography, Eslin 51

26/11 Trikala, 6p.m., Mylos ton Xotikon

29/11 Athens, 8p.m., Booze Cooperativa/ upstairs, Kolokotroni 57