Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Dec 06 2015

The wheel of WHEELING 2 HELP doesn’t stop here!


“Don’t cry because it came to an end, smile because it happened”, Gabriel Garcia Marquez once said. These words echoing in our mind accompanied our intense feelings during the last Wheeling2help event in Athens – an event which was organized with the aim of presenting the documentary film of Elpidoforos Chrysovergis’s cycling tour de force from London to Athens hoping to raise money for the Floga’s little angels suffering from tumorous disease.


The equivalence between euros and smiles confirmed that we achieved a jack pot of happiness for those children fighting against illness every day. Almost 16.000 euros seem to be nothing compared to the thought that we may be the reason for easing their pain.


From 22 to 29 of November, the torchbearer of solidarity – Elpidoforos Chrysovergis – walked again in the ground where his bicycle wheels let their tracks. He relived the dream through the 25-minute video presentation which was turned into a unique piece of art by Antonis Sotiropoulos.


In Stylida, Makrakomi, Trikala and finally Athens, Elpis made a collection of hugs dressed with strong emotions and thrill. The heartbeats of both young and old people we met in the different cities, where the video presentations took place, seem to be the best combination for the continuation of this travel.


The travel has just began… Elpidoforos and his team wish for… a long journey, full of adventures and knowledge…full of offering and love

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