Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Dec 08 2015

The… team of WHEELING2HELP & DREAM.TRAVEL.LIVE promise you emotions

We just needed to start ..

The first Wheeling2Help now belongs in history being crowned with success. However, the power that Wheeling2Help created is the most important. Elpis’ bike offered huge inspiration creating a strange alliance of willing. Volunteers from all over the country and from abroad show “loyalty and devotion” to our dream. Although the dreams are useful, our team got an identity for those who are down to earth. The theory brought result and the support team of the entire project is a fact. A team ready to sweat not only while cycling, but also when needed in order to reveal the ideals of Wheeling2Help and Dream.Travel.Live.


Why Wheeling2Help? Both with Dream.Travel.Live are twins of a wonderful birth. Father and godfather is Elpidoforos Chrysovergis, who flooded by selflessness and love for the man of next door, turned to be the example of goodness and offer. Sometimes riding to help those who are sick and sometimes traveling together with his partner Dora Bitsi till the end of the earth to offer help to those who build the future, in countries where civilized West remembers only by postcard …

Our dream is to fill our little bag with many smiles as possible wherever we may be. We mostly desire seeing children’s faces smiling against misery and problems of everyday life.




The dogma of all of us who followed the dream of Elpidoforos Chrysovergis, inspirer of this creation of solidarity, is that whatever worthy to do, is what we do for others.

For all of us a warm smile is more than enough and easily translated to the international language of kindness.


Every day through ‘Wheeling2help’ and Dream.Travel.Live we try to shout from every single corner of the world the value of volunteering in combination with sports and traveling. The most beautiful thing is to see a person who suffers smiling. And even more beautiful is to know that you are the reason behind this.

Wheeling2Help and Dream.Travel.Live are not help-tools, because we believe that there are not lame people among us. There are only people who need us and we offered our hand, and the warmth from their touching warm up our hearts.

What we do might be a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be lower if this drop was missing.



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