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Elpis Chrysovergis

Elpis Chrysovergis

Jul 05 2012

New York City : The City That Never Sleeps!

By Elpis

New York can be anything you want it to be. It is the place where everybody is dreaming to live for some time. It is not just a city like any other, New York’s lifestyle and architecture are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world! Countless books, movies and songs have been created for the ‘’Big Apple’’ . 

To be honest, before going to New York, I was not that excited as I generally prefer beautiful, natural, quiet places than big noisy cities. But NYC it is the exception to my rule! Walking between the skyscrapers, everything seems to be exactly as it should be! Beautiful buildings, fancy people and so many other things make this city so special!

I wanted to enjoy as much as possible NYC, so every morning I had to wake up my mother to start walking all over Manhattan! In this city you can find anything you want in a huge variety! There is Chinatown for tasty Chinese food, Little Italy for Italian gourmet cuisine, Soho for alternative fashion and art spots (my favorite area by far), the Empire State Building for amazing views of Manhattan, The Metropolitan Museum of Art which is a must, etc!

I don’t know about you, but when I thought about how it was going to be in New York, the first image that would come in my mind would be Times Square. I think we were passing from Times Square almost every day to admire the modernity of this city which amazes you so much! But Times Square is absolutely gorgeous at night… Neon lights flash and city cars rush by honking horns . It can be quite busy but the fussling and commotion make it, New York!

As all the beautiful big cities, New York has its park and it is a huuuge green area in the middle of the city! Central Park is the place to relax, picnic, jog and enjoy a beautiful sunny day! Of course we spent a couple of hours to rest there as it is wonderful and relaxing! Even far from the busy streets, in the park, it was full of people and action as a film was being shooted right in front of us!

Needless to say that it is the first trip that I did massive shopping! It is so funny that we bought a huge suitcase, like the ones that people who sell staff on the street have to store their products, just to fit our shopping inside! Apart from Macy’s, which is the women’s paradise, there are numerous shops with endless bargains. My mother was so excited!

Being always lucky, during the days that I was in New York, US Open was taking place so it was impossible to miss it! Having been to Roland Garros, the American tournament was one of the things to do in my list! The weather was fantastic, the venue was full of marketing and advertising events, the courts were full of people and in the schedule were great matches!

This time I had the luck to watch Federer, Djokovic and Lena Daniilidou, the Greek player who was playing in doubles against two Chinese women! We were the only Greek spectators in the court against hundrends of Chinese people, so it was not that easy for Lena!

Actually the real reason that we visited New York was a beach tennis tournament that was taking place in Long Beach, which is one hour from Manhattan by train, towards the Atlantic coast. The beach in Long Island covers many km, and the beach tennis courts made the scenery look fantastic! People from all over the world were there and we had lot of fun! For the history, me and Mauro (my Italian brother) were eliminated in the quarterfinals by the no1 Mingozzi/Marighella!

Getting back to our main topic, New York City with its majesty made me feel a very small part of this multicultural world and I feel so lucky that I was there! I can say that NYC is extremely tall (building wise), extremely easy to navigate, full of extremes, full of helpful, friendly people who also know exactly what they want and demand it without question. It’s very busy but all in all, because of that , we can really call it New York! I will definitely visit again the world’s biggest urban playground!

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