Wheeling2help is a very beautiful project but a huge part of it goes to our fantastic sponsors who helped in many ways in order to make this crazy idea happen! We would like to thank from the bottom of our heart the people and the companies who support us:



airtickets_logo    Airtickets.gr surprised us in a nice way sponsoring us our return ticket from Cairo to Athens in the end of our AfriQuest. They believed in our dream from the beginning, when AfriQuest was at its first stage, and this time they will take me back to the UK when Wheeling2help is over. Needless to say that we will continue exploring every corner of the planet always with airtickets.gr :)



Erke.co.za belongs to a lovely Greek-South African couple, Spiros and Nadia, who were the first ones to believe in our AfriQuest. From the very first moment we explained our plans to Spiro and Nadia, they got super excited with the idea of walking through all Africa wearing Erke. After they provided us with comfortable and casual clothes and shoes, we were ready to depart from our 6 month venture feeling amazing. This partnership will bring more and more as a new project is getting planned with Erke.. stay tuned :)


carrera 3d logo (black&red)    2,500 kilometers cannot be ridden easily, if you don’t own a proper bicycle. Searching a bit around, Ilias and Panos from the company Zeus decided to sponsor me a very nice touring Carrera bicycle that would be perfect for the specific case.




BBB-2012-logo-payoff-blue Ilias and Panos, apart from the bicycle itself, insisted that if I wanted to have less pain and more energy in this trip, without killing my legs and my back, they would need to upgrade quite a few things on the bicycle. Collaborating with BBB cycling, they paid attention to every single detail in order to have a unique result that would keep me company for 35 days!



aneksuperfastDuring a screening of our AfriQuest documentary at the Sailing Club of Chania, we met a great man, Mr Katsanevakis, the ex mayor of the city and president at the moment of Anek Lines. Excited for what he saw in our AfriQuest, he couldn’t deny this time a ferry boat ticket for my trip from Ancona to Igoumenitsa, being a part of our Wheeling2help project!



 Willing to share this trip with all our friends, we couldn’t miss the necessary photo and video equipment. At this point, Manos who has been in the industry for many years with onboardcamera.gr, shows up and provided us with 2 very good quality drift action cameras, with all the essential mounts to capture every moment of this unique adventure.



 ”A journey gets better when its shared with others”, Manolis, Giannis, Vaggelis and Kostas from live trips say, and they are definitely right. By creating this amazing application, which makes you able to broadcast your journey live with location, photo and text, they managed to unite motorcyclists, backpackers, cyclists and every kind of traveler. Of course during our Wheeling2help project, as during the AfriQuest, you will be able to see where we are as well as all our live updates via their webpage, www.livetrips.gr .





Where are you going vre Karamitro without internet!! PlanetSim has the answer for you. Having various options with voice and data packages in very good prices, PlanetSim surprised us by sponsoring a sim card topped up with few gb to send our live updates and work on our fundraising campaign for Floga’s children with cancer during the journey.




Putting more than enough effort and time, Vaggelis from Diathesis Copy & Art, which is located in Zografou, spent many hours in the basement of his shop designing beautiful and comfortable jerseys for us to wear, a big flag with all the sponsors to take photos in landmarks of the trip and even a small flag with the logos of Wheeling2help and Floga to put it on the bicycle and be my company for the whole journey :)




If you like our project and our charity work, you are more than welcome to support us in any way! We are open to any ideas and proposals, so feel free to drop us an email :)