Dora Bitsi

Dora Bitsi

Feb 23 2012

Phuket : Crazy Parties, Sandy beaches and Relaxation

 by Dora
Phuket is by far the most renowned from all the islands in Thailand.It is famous for endless partying but also for its natural beauty.
Actually no..I am lying .What everybody is expecting when they hear about Phuket is quiet beaches and idyllic scenery.That’s only partially true.
Phuket is the biggest island of the Andaman Sea and it has huge diversity of natural environment apart from diverse beaches around its coast. The island’s terrain is incredibly varied, with rocky headlands, long broad sandy beaches, limestone cliffs, forested hills, small estuaries, lagoons, and tropical vegetation of all kinds.
This is what you are normally prepared for.What you are not prepared for probably  is the crazy nightlife and after-night exploring during your stay on the island.Come with an open mind and with a sense of humor and having the best fun ever is guaranteed!
After a loong ride with the bus from Bangkok and after quite lots of stops and change of vans we finally arrived in Patong Beach.This is one of the most touristic areas of the island and it is very close to Phuket town.
The beach in Patong is wonderful…the sand is light golden and the colour of the sea very light blue with a few palm trees completing the exotic picture. During the day most people are staying on the beach until late sunbathing and playing with freesbees, swimming and relaxing.If you want you can also take a walk on the coastal road that is by the sea and it is packed with restaurants offering basically seafood.When the sun starts to set the only place you wanna be is on the hot sand watching the sky filling with warm colours.

If you stay a little bit more you may be able to find Thai people offering to light traditional asian white lanterns for you.You only have to make a wish and then let it go high up in the sky in the dark.I can tell you from our experience that the feeling is amazing as you watch  your “wish” being sent up to the unknown skies above you.

At night the place transfroms into a massive party venue .You seriously shouldn ’t miss  the crazy mix of people and bars and clubs (and sex clubs included) all the way up and down Bangla street.On this main street you can see people dressed in all sorts of clothes:strange,funny, provocative clothes or no clothes at all!(for example a guy with red stockings and a G-string).

With a handful of gay bars as well the picture gets quite interesting during the night!What is more interesting is that sometimes you can’t tell the difference if it is a boy or a girl since Phuket and is famous for its ladyboys! 

However there is more! What Phuket is most famous for is the mysterious Ping Pong Show !

Dont worry you won’t miss it  because there will be men asking if you want to see it all night long showing you the card below.As we are of curious nature of course we went to see what’s the fuss about.It was REALLY WORTH IT is all I can say in the context of this blog however!!:P Remeber though to give good tips to the “performers” because they will not hesitate to just insult you and kick you out of the place :P
If you are searching for a more quiet place to relax on this Island you should head for places like Kata Beach, Nai Yang Beach or visit the triple canopy rainforest of Khao Phra Thaeo National Park to the mud flats and mangrove swamps of Koh Siray.
The experience of Phuket is one of a kind in so many ways!
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