May 08 2012

Ko Phi Phi : Paradise on Earth

By Elpis

After Bangkokand Phuket, Ko Phi Phi was our next station in our unforgettable trip in Thailand! Having heard so many things about this small island, I was more than excited to explore this exotic famous place! The following image absolutely describes my first emotions for P.P. Island!

The untainted pure beaches, the verdant sceneries, the beautiful bamboo huts with hammocks and the amazing Thai food served with a smile right on the beach make this place so unique! Although I have been to many beautiful islands, I have never seen such pristine beaches surrounded by palm trees and bamboo shoots untouched by human kind!

It was the first time in my life that I slumbered in a thatched hut just meters from the softly rolling ocean and of course paying only less than 5 euro per night! It is such a nice feeling to hear the light sound of the waves caress your senses when you close your eyes. But nightlife in this island is not so tranquil, we were dancing and drinking until the sun touched our elated faces on the beach parties!

If you have been in Thailandyou will well remiss on the bucket carrying party goers. Like jovial toddlers on the beach with their colorful pails of joy, people buy different colored and sized buckets that contain ice cubes, a small bottle of whiskey, vodka or other alcohol, and a soft drink or red bull ready to be mixed!

I believe that the most famous thing in Thailand is Thai Boxing! Thai people are not confrontational but NEVER EVER be in a fight with them! But of course being original Spartans, we couldn’t leave this country without fighting in a Thai Boxing ring… the result: Greece VS Colombia 1-1 (buckets)!!

Massage and Thailandare two words that are inextricably linked, so even at the exotic Ko Phi Phi we saw so many massage beds just a few meters from the beach! Unfortunately this time we didn’t participate in a Thai massage, but this is a reason to go back, hehe!

The photographs do not do the island any justice… we were exploring the beaches and discovered new treasures around every corner, more amazing than the last! There were a few resorts and restaurants that we visited as well, but they were so naturally built and decorated that they did not in any way spoil the picturesque scenery of Ko Phi Phi!

It is the place you wish that time will freeze frame and that you will be able to stay at forever! Extremely highly recommended! J

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