Feb 21 2012

Elephant Safari or Bamboo Rafting?

By Dora
Ok I know this is not one of the dilemmas you face in your everyday routine, but it is certainly one that you will face when you visit Thailand!
In  Bangkok there are so many different options for one-day trips just like this even if you don’t have much time to explore the surroundings more in debth or if you want to head straight for the islands after the capital (which is what we did!

We chose to book both of these trips on the same day for the reason that they weren’t far away from Bangkok.It took only around 3 hours to get there(they were in separate locations).
First stop was for the Elephant safari. Well, not exactly what you would say a safari but it was literally a nice ride with the elephants !Mounting an elephant is a quite strange process..the elephant is being put under a platform in order for you to sit on top of the small seat (big enough for two) on its back. Then the man who guides the elephant sits on top of the head of the elephant climbing as if it was the easiest thing to do! After successfully sitting on our seats, we set off on our cute elephants with direction to a river nearby..
The ride itself was very fun. Basically because it was difficult to hold on onto this seat .You had to hold tight because the elephant isn’t walking exactly with grace!! What we didn’t know is that the elephant had actually black hair on its head .The man we were taking the tour with offered us some rings that he made from the hair of its tail. 
The best part was when we arrived to the river.The elephants were really enjoying the water which nearly reached our feet at some point! There was also a baby elephant who was attached to his mother’s side and was swimming having so much fun…This was the cutest animal scene we had ever seen!

After that we went back to the starting point where you could buy some fruits from the stand to feed the elephants.
The next part of the trip was the Bamboo Rafting. Again we stopped in a place close to a river (probably the same further down).The rafts were exactly as you might have seen them in adventure movies but there weren’t totally floating.Our feet were still in the water. The stirring of the raft was also very interesting.What the native man did was basically following the stream of water that led us down the  river. 
The scenery around us was amazing.On the banks of the river there were all sorts of greenery and exotic plants among the traditional small bamboo huts.It is seemed like we were lost in time. Along the way there were people waving at us and especially children who were playing by the river seeming like they had absolutely no stress in their minds.

It is impressive once again to see how people can be living happily even if they don’t have the basics in their everyday life.Everything is relative in life as it seems…
Apart from the excellent view on the way we had the opportunity to dive inside the murky river(personally I didnt like this idea but the boys enjoyed it)!!
After the end of the ride we had an excellent Thai meal in a restaurant on the banks of the river where we helped our selves to triple portions of the fresh pineapple they were offering!
Leaving the river we had our bellies filled with great food and our minds full with beautiful pictures of a trip that we will never forget!
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  1. KD says:

    both are like an adventure in their own way and i will go for both as i love both of it and have done both of it ..

  2. Elephant safari is great adventure one. I have so much interest to have a trip to Zimbabwe also it’s related places so please suggest me. If you want to spend your holidays with Zimbabwe Adventure which is the famous place then have a tour on great mode.

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