The AfriQuest project was born from our desire to explore Africa.

Since, we were already in Cape Town, we decided not to take the plane to get back home, but to venture a challenging journey across Africa.

Our goal was to film a documentary showing our experiences from the Cape to Cairo venture, as well as the Greeks that live there.
As this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, we decided to participate in many volunteering projects and do as much charity as possible. So with money that we raised through crowdfunding campaigns, we organized projects in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan!
So, we went…

From Cape Town to Cairo!

12 countries

6 months

15,000 km

5 charity projects

just with our tent and our backpacks!



The route that we took was:

31.05.2014 : Starting from the Rainbow Nation of South Africa, we experienced Swaziland‘s Kingdom and Mozambique’s unexplored treasures, then we headed to Malawi‘s lake of thousand stars and Tanzania, the land of safaris.

In Tanzania, we are had a 2 week break to volunteer at the NGO called SANA, run by a Greek born in Burundi, Costa Coucoulis.

Having our batteries charged, we continued our journey to the former Switzerland of Africa, Burundi, from where we entered the country of thousand hills, Rwanda, as well as the diamond of Africa, Uganda!

Getting excited about the African cultures and not tired at all from the journey, we then headed to Kenya, the land of Masai people, where we volunteered at a school that has been built by the Orthodox Church in a township in Nairobi.

As our goal was to do as much charity as possible, while visiting the country of children, Ethiopia, we participated in a volunteering project at an orphanage in Addis Abeba!

Getting closer to our final destination, we experienced the great hospitality of the people of Sudan, where we did the ultimate charity project, build a water well and give access to safe drinking water to more than 1,200 people in Al Youya village! After living this unique experience, we reached the bustling capital of Egypt, Cairo, where our journey ended in 30/11/2014!

Hellenism in Africa was a significant part of our AfriQuest as well. It is incredible how many Greeks have migrated to Africa and keep the Greek culture alive till today. We visited Greek Communities in South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, etc, which is quite impressive!

It is our passion to capture our traveling experiences in photos and short videos. Hence,this African venture gave us another opportunity to create something really unique!





Watch our AfriQuest trailer before we start the journey here:



and the full documentary ”AfriQuest : Crossing Africa giving 3,000 smiles”, here :