Africanism is our start-up for the exclusive hand-made beaded sandals brought straight from Kenya!

Since we were lucky enough to visit the places where they were made, we thought that it would be good if we can support these people by trading sandals in Greece and use a part of the earnings for our charity programs :)

The Africanism sandals are:

  • Completely handmade which means that every pair is unique.
  • Comfortable with amazing colour combinations.
  • Very durable and are guaranteed to last minimum to 3 years.
  • Soles and bottom are made from leather, recycled tire and rubber that the workers cut from scratch to create these wonderful sandals.
Below you will find the 19 sandals that we have just sent back home!
They are available at the price of  25€ (20+5€ for charity).
Please email us your order mentioning your name plus the model that you like.


*Please keep in mind that stock is limited so priority will be given to the ones that order first!